Punjab video making training

With a trail of success behind them, the dynamic team of Wingify Earth recently completed a transformative 2-day workshop in Punjab, in collaboration with the PLUC team. This unique workshop, dedicated exclusively to women, aimed to equip participants with storytelling and video-making skills to become influential VayuSakhis, advocating for air pollution awareness.

Building on the success of previous workshops held in Delhi, UP, and Haryana,  Wingify Earth is on a mission to create a network of VayuSakhis—passionate individuals who will harness the power of storytelling and creative videos to raise awareness about air pollution and its impact on health and the environment.

The Punjab workshop witnessed enthusiastic participation from women eager to make a difference in their communities. Under the expert guidance of experienced mentors, the participants honed their storytelling abilities, leveraging the potent combination of art and technology to deliver impactful messages on air pollution.

As these empowered VayuSakhis return to their communities armed with newfound skills and knowledge, they are ready to initiate a ripple effect of positive change. Through captivating storytelling and compelling videos, they aspire to engage and educate their local communities on the importance of air quality and sustainable living practices.

With these workshops leaving a lasting impression in multiple states, Wingify Earth and the PLUC team are committed to continuing their efforts to combat air pollution and empower individuals as change agents. As these VayuSakhis spread their wings, their collective efforts promise to make a significant contribution towards a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

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