Our Belief

Delhi's vibrant youth (18-28 years) are rewriting their city's narrative, one powerful story at a time. We equip them with the magic of mobile filmmaking, empowering them to share their experiences with air pollution, especially harmful construction dust. Their voices become catalysts for change, igniting awareness and action across communities. We harness their tech-savvy spirit to launch their stories into the digital sphere, sparking a ripple effect of engagement. Deeply woven into their neighborhoods, these young storytellers become champions for clean air, inspiring others to join the fight. By investing in their education, we cultivate a generation of passionate environmental leaders, ensuring a future where every breath in Delhi is a breath of fresh hope. Join us and be part of the change!

Clean Air Initiative
Clean Air Initiative

Our Playground

  • Community Champions: Train 100 young filmmakers (18-28) with mobile magic, capturing Delhi's air battles, from dust clouds to community struggle.
  • Unmask the Crisis: Dive deep into untold stories, exposing the harsh reality of construction dust and its impact on Delhi's lungs.
  • Connect & Amplify: Build a vibrant community, sharing knowledge and amplifying voices through a dynamic WhatsApp network.
  • Celebrate Victories: Showcase success stories: young changemakers and impactful initiatives paving the way for a cleaner Delhi.
  • Social Media Storm: Unleash a wave of powerful content demanding stricter regulations, sustainable practices, and united action for clean air.

Reach, Methods, and Approach

  • Conducting training sessions for 100 community members, focusing on storytelling and film, equipping them with tools for impactful narratives and meaningful change.
  • Meticulously identifying and advancing 20 promising creators with exceptional talent to the next level of training.
  • Assigning specific topics and stakeholders for content creation to the selected creators with tailored assignments.
  • Providing unwavering script support and online assistance to creators during content creation for a resonating impact.
  • Establishing a repository of trained individuals and a WhatsApp broadcast community for information sharing.

Expected outcomes

  • Empowered & Informed: Community workshops, engaging materials, and local success stories illuminate the impacts of construction dust and pollution—knowledge fuels action, paving the way for a healthier Delhi.
  • Inspired by Action: Local solutions championed! Showcasing community initiatives motivates others to join the fight, creating a ripple effect of positive change.
  • Knowledge Protects: Engaging infographics and videos educate the public on "Dos and Don'ts" for dust protection. Empowered communities minimize air pollution's impact.
  • Recognition Amplifies: Local efforts garner national and international recognition. The dedication of the community and creators is celebrated, amplifying the message of clean air for all.


  • Storyteller Surge: 100 empowered community members become vocal with mobile filmmaking, documenting air pollution realities and driving local change.
  • Champion Creators Emerge: 20 skilled individuals receive advanced training, amplifying their impact with powerful narratives, inspiring solutions, and influencing policy.
  • Diverse Voices Ignite Action: 20 unique UGC pieces explore problem facets, solutions, and local impacts, sparking conversation, empathy, and collective action.
  • Content Wave for Clean Air: Four captivating shows by champions reach 1.5 million online, raising awareness, igniting passion, and inspiring change for cleaner air.