Eco Ventures

Supporting Young minds to become successful entrepreneurs in environment sustainability

Wingify Foundation supports colleges and universities for business competitions and other events. We understand the importance of these events to the success and growth of future entrepreneurs, so we want to help in any way we can.

Our sponsorship involves offering financial support and resources to those who wish to participate in these Events. We understand the difficulties students face when participating in such events, which is why our sponsorships are designed to give them access to the necessary funds and materials they require. This will ensure that more students have the opportunity to participate in these events without having to worry about resources or funds.

We also offer mentorship services as part of our sponsorship packages. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in their respective fields, enabling them to guide the entire process – from developing business plans, creating presentations, pitching ideas, and networking with potential partners and investors until they reach their desired outcome.

Through our support, we hope that more college and university students will be able to achieve their dreams and become successful entrepreneurs. We believe that investing in this generation helps build a better future for everyone involved – from providing opportunities for growth, encouraging innovation, and creating jobs for young people worldwide – all while helping create a healthier economy overall.

Eureka! 2022 (E-Cell, IIT Bombay)  

  • E-Summit 2023 - E-Summit is a 2-day paid event comprising 700+ startups, 120+ events, and 150+ speakers from around the globe.   

  • Wingify Foundation was titled the ‘Eureka Environment Partner’ of E-Summit 2023. 

  • Eureka is Asia’s largest Business Model Competition. It is a 5-month event that moves from idea submission to offline and online mentoring and culminates in a final pitch at E-Summit.  After one round of selection, the zonal round took place. 

  • The zonalists were enlightened by illuminating speaker sessions on a plethora of topics ranging from marketing & branding to pitching and funding. The teams had the opportunity to pitch their idea in front of a large audience with many esteemed dignitaries. They interacted one-to-one with a panel of distinguished mentors, investors, venture capitalists, and leading industry professionals. After this, the final event was organized, and the winners were declared at IIT Bombay. 

E-Summit (E-Cell, Delhi Technological University) 

      1.  B-Plan Competition (VAAYU) 

  • In collaboration with Wingify Foundation, this year’s Annual B-Plan Competition focused on curbing pollution in the capital city, Delhi NCR. 

  • The participants were required to present a solution that has the potential to overcome this problem in a way that is feasible enough for the ecosystem of Delhi NCR.  

  • The event engaged 400+ participants and 200+ teams, garnering interest from both students and corporate employees alike. Students from top colleges and prestigious universities across all over India, including IIT Roorkee, IIT BHU, and many others, were found excited enough to participate. Out of these teams, 70 student teams and 2 corporate teams were able to provide a solution to the problem statement. 

  • The internal Judging Panel at E Cell DTU kept the parameters of Relevancy to the problem statement, Viability of the product, and need of the hour in mind; to shortlist the top 10 student teams and 1 corporate team. 

  • Project Prabhakshay won 1st position in the competition.  

      2.  FixIt Gaming Competition 

  • Our special exhibit for FIX-iT! garnered the interest of every participant, which included a total of 436 individuals and 58 teams. Students from prestigious colleges and universities in the Delhi NCR area, including Delhi University and IP Colleges, showed keen interest in our event and the impact of air pollution on our lives. 

  • Our interactive game proved to be highly intuitive and attracted a significant number of participants. All who took part thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and gained valuable insights into the impact of air pollution. 

  • To motivate the participants, we offered prizes such as T-shirts and chocolates to top performers based on their performance in the game. This proved a popular addition to our stall and generated even more interest among attendees.  

  • Impact Analysis through Randomised Controlled Trials 

To understand the level of knowledge Delhi residents have about Air Pollution and the impact of our interventions, we asked the players a few questions related to AQI and Air Pollution. According to the results, playing the FiX-iT! The board game was found to significantly enhance participants' knowledge of air pollution in comparison to non-participants, with an average increase of over 57.25%.