Our Belief

Kids in many neighbourhoods have a tough time because the environment is not good. The air they breathe is dirty, making it hard for them to laugh and enjoy life. Their eyes don't shine with wonder because the places they live are not like beautiful forests and oceans. Instead, there's a lot of pollution from factories, trees being cut down, and water that's not clean.                                        Imagine a world where children laugh with lungs full of clean air, their eyes alight with wonder as they explore lush forests and sparkling oceans. This isn't just a utopian dream; it's the vision behind #FromOurHearts, a global movement uniting parents across borders and languages to advocate for a cleaner, greener future for their children.

One Million Parent Voices
One Million Parent Voices

Our Playground

  • #FromOurHearts unites diverse voices, fostering hope amid environmental challenges and transcending language barriers for a brighter, sustainable future.
  • Contributors share stories, dreams, concerns, global awareness, inspiring action towards sustainability and nurturing empathy worldwide.
  • Glistening solar panels symbolize progress amidst environmental adversity, highlighting the potential for renewable energy and collective efforts.
  • #FromOurHearts invites everyone to contribute, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to building a sustainable future.

Reach, Methods, and Approach

  • Express through Creativity: The platform is open—share on #Fromourhearts, let your voice resonate on social media, or stage a local flash mob. Use creativity as a weapon, awakening the world to our cause.

  • Take Local Action: Organize clean-up initiatives, support sustainable businesses, and build community action. Create positive change, rippling outward and contributing to a collective impact on our shared environment.

          You can post messages on the internet here

  • Express Your Thoughts Online: Share your thoughts using #FromOurHearts. Choose messages from the website or post handwritten notes. Upload letters, cards, or videos expressing concerns and hopes for a cleaner world.                                                                                                                               
  • Diverse Ways to Share: Add a personal touch with handwritten items, and get creative by sharing videos in any language. Record audio messages or sounds about climate issues, uploading them on the website or social media using #FromOurHearts. Your voice matters!

Expected outcomes

  •  #FromOurHearts mobilizes parents to advocate for cleaner air regulations, fostering collaboration and environmental stewardship through emotional appeals.
  •  Community solidarity amplifies urgency, empowering individuals to champion environmental causes and shape a legacy of hope for future generations.
  •  Join the movement to ignite a revolution driven by love, envisioning a future where children breathe purity and nature thrives.
  •  Together, envision a world powered by love, where collective action shapes progress towards cleaner air and a greener planet.
  •  The campaign seeks to create a legacy of environmental stewardship, inspiring individuals to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable future.


  • #FromOurHearts advocates for cleaner air and stricter fossil fuel regulations, urging political leaders to prioritize environmental concerns and public health.
  • The movement educates and mobilizes the public, encouraging individuals to demand environmental initiatives and sustainable policies for a healthier future.
  • Through unity, #FromOurHearts instils a sense of responsibility in present and future generations, fostering environmental stewardship and activism.
  • By amplifying the voices of concerned parents, the campaign raises awareness and empowers communities to push for effective environmental action.