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As the saying goes, mighty oaks grow from the little acorns. This is a hard fact. Quite often, small and modest initiatives by joining hands become very large and impressive with time. So, support the cause through your generous donations or work actively on Wingify Foundation initiatives by partnering with us.

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Become Our CSR Partner


Welcome to the Wingify Earth Internship Opportunity!

Become part of our mission to combat air pollution and positively impact the environment and be a VayuRakshak.

As an intern, you'll embark on a unique learning journey, gaining valuable insights into air pollution through interactive sessions with industry experts and engaging with our esteemed partners. Your role will involve the following:

  • Enhancing our social media presence
  • Creating compelling website content
  • Contributing to exciting projects
  • Conducting field visits and generating reports
  • Conducting surveys/polls, and more

In return for your contributions, you'll receive

  1. Internship certificates from the Wingify Foundation,
  2. Strong recommendation to your future employers,
  3. Employment opportunity at Wingify Foundation, in case any open vacancy exists.
  4. Reimbursement of reasonable travel and food expenses while on project work outside the office.

We encourage interns to have Social welfare qualifications and strong motivation to work related to the public good.

Internship Details: