Panjurli Labs started working on booklet for kids

Panjurli Labs started working on booklet for kids

In an innovative partnership, Panjurli Labs and Wingify Earth have joined forces to educate children about the impact of air pollution on health and indoor safety. Through a series of engaging workshops and demonstrations, this collaboration aims to raise awareness among young minds and foster a sense of responsibility towards environmental well-being.

The workshops conducted by the two organizations feature captivating demonstrations, wherein dust particles collected from air purifiers are showcased to illustrate the presence of air pollutants. These interactive sessions enable children to grasp the reality of air pollution and its potential health effects in a tangible manner.

Emphasizing the power of storytelling, the kids are encouraged to create impactful narratives and presentations around the subject of air pollution and its consequences. This creative approach fosters a deeper understanding of the issue and empowers the children to become advocates for cleaner air and a healthier planet.

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