Launched Punjab Health Sanchar project

Launched Punjab Health Sanchar project

In a dynamic collaboration, Wingify Foundation and Kisan Sanchar are reuniting to launch the Punjab Health Sanchar project, aiming to tackle the critical issue of stubble-burning. Following their successful initiative in Haryana, the two organizations are once again joining forces to spread health awareness in rural areas through innovative mobile solutions.

The Punjab Health Sanchar project seeks to address the pressing environmental and health challenges posed by stubble-burning in the region. With a focus on leveraging mobile technology, the initiative aims to empower rural communities with vital information and sustainable practices that promote healthier living and reduce the harmful impact of stubble-burning on the environment.

Through the strategic deployment of mobile solutions, Wingify Foundation and Kisan Sanchar aim to engage with farmers and local communities, providing them with actionable insights and practical alternatives to traditional stubble-burning methods. By raising awareness and encouraging sustainable practices, the project endeavors to create a positive impact on public health and the overall environmental landscape in Punjab.

This collaborative effort highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in driving meaningful change. As the Punjab Health Sanchar takes flight, the organizations remain committed to working together towards building a healthier, more environmentally conscious future for rural communities across the region.

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