Board Game That Helps Reduce Pollution

Board Game That Helps Reduce Pollution

Air pollution is a significant public health concern. This problem affects the old, young, rich, and poor alike. According to the WHO, severe pollution is responsible for the death of 1 in 4 children below the age of five the world over.

A recent study conducted by the Centre of Science and Environment has concluded that Delhi’s 13.2 million cars are primarily responsible for the toxic air in the National Capital Region. However, vehicular pollution is only a part of the more significant systemic problem, which includes issues like weak public transport systems, heavy industry (power generation), household emissions, and diesel generators, to name a few.

However, the solution does not lie in short-term policy fixes but needs to be followed up by sustained reforms such as: scaling up integrated public transport systems, walking and cycling infrastructure, city-wide parking area management plans, and low emissions zones to restrain vehicle use and meet the electrification target of 25 per cent by 2024.

A game has been built to incentivise correct ‘action’ to save a city from air pollution. The players will act as stakeholders in the future of a city and must work together to protect it from issues such as pollution, water table depletion, and other problems.

The game will help to take affirmative action through an involved, aware and informed citizenry, spur active participation of multiple stakeholders in the city's future, and apply pressure on local administration, community and family units to adopt and implement long-term reforms that push for environmental sustainability. Moreover, the idea is to make this game an intervention that school leadership and local government can own and play within their communities. It will be a simple game with high replayability and deployability. It is a game that focuses on India-specific issues and will be a first-of-its-kind initiative targeted at schools.


Ashima WadhawanNov 10, 2022

I would love to play this game.

Rimsi SethNov 15, 2022

Excellent way of explaining to the youth about the air quality.

Simran SehgalNov 20, 2022

Playing board games helps people to build many life skills, and this game is one of them.

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