What Are You Doing To Reduce Air Pollution?

Priya, a 30-year-old single mother, lived with her son in Noida. She was an environmental scientist who spent most of her life studying and improving air pollution.

Priya’s son Deepu was a college student who used to hit outdoors daily. Due to prolonged exposure to air pollution in Noida, Deepu faced fatigue, coughing, eye irritation, sleep deprivation, etc.

With Priya’s knowledge in her field, she ensured that they followed all the measures at home to reduce indoor air pollution. However, outdoor air pollution is another battle many city residents are fighting and needs solutions immediately. 

Initially, Priya and Deepu thought the wheezing and other symptoms were due to weather changes. However, when the condition didn’t improve, they did some tests and found that the air pollution was affecting Deepu all this while.

“Mom, these medicines are working, but I don’t feel good,” Deepu told his mother.

“Deepu, these medications will only improve your symptoms while you need to keep yourself safe from air pollution,” Priya said. “Our house is safe as we take extra precautions, but you are not safe outside.”

Priya was right. She knew the harmful effects of air pollution, but it was hard for her to make her son understand a few things.

“Deepu, if you want to get well soon, you must follow a few things. I will only tell these things if you will seriously follow them.” Priya said.

“Ok, mom. I will.” Deepu replied.

Priya told Deepu to stay a few days indoors, wear a mask if he goes out, close the car windows in traffic, and avoid areas with heavy traffic, dust, and industrial smoke.

Deepu followed these steps for a week and saw improvement in his health. Medicines were working fine, and his immunity improved.

However, Priya wasn’t finished making changes. As a determined mother and a scientist, she wanted to ensure that Deepu saved himself from air pollution and played his part in reducing outdoor air pollution.

One day, Priya had a deep conversation with Deepu about air pollution, its types, and its effects on human health. Interestingly, at the end of the conversation, Priya asked Deepu,

“Now, tell me, Deepu, how will you reduce air pollution?”

Deepu smiled.

“Mom, don’t be silly. Air pollution is a whole city’s problem. How can I reduce it?”

THIS THOUGHT IS WRONG, and this is precisely what Priya wanted to change.

She made Deepu understand this concern with a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, which is

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

“Deepu, I agree that air pollution is a city-wide problem. However, you need to understand that changes at an individual level make significant changes in the future. Deepu, the problem is that we all think like you;

it’s not my problem; what change can I make?

Today, I am making you understand something we all need to understand. All the efforts that you will take to keep your city’s air clean will help you, help us at some point.”

“I am sorry, Mom. I was wrong. Please tell me what I can do to reduce outdoor air pollution.” Deepu asked her mother.

Here are some tips Priya shared that we all should know to do our part to reduce air pollution.

  1. Switch off your engine during traffic signals or when not in use. Idle engines, especially in big trucks and buses, emit harmful gases, which are toxic to our health.
  2. Drive a car only when needed and reduce car trips when possible. Try taking public transport on most days, carpool, or two-wheeler. 
  3. Make sure your car is in good condition. Get it repaired regularly.
  4. Don’t burn garbage or dry leaves. It produces harmful gases that are not good for our surroundings. 
  5. Plant trees in and around your house. Trees filter polluted air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

 Deepu understood the importance of change at his level. His mentality changed, and he became a champion in following all these steps. Moreover, he also told all these changes to his friends, who also followed him.

Sounds good, right?

Now imagine if everyone reading this blog understands their part in the change, and they spread awareness, and so on; we will create a difference one day. We thank Priya, who made Deepu understand such a serious issue in a way that he never forgets.

We hope everyone understands that we can always make a change, no matter how big the problem is. 

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