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Visible effects of Air Pollution

"I wanna be a makeup influencer when I grow up, Mom. I love my skin and like learning about makeup products," 17-year-old Lata told her mother about her dreams a few years ago. Living in Nainital, a less polluted city, she has found solace amidst the serene surroundings while nurturing her passion for beauty and skincare.

Lata’s mother always knew her daughter’s passion for skin, beauty, and makeup. Lata always cared for her skin, drank plenty of water, slept and woke up on time, did yoga, etc. 

In the following years, Lata studied more about skin and makeup, and recently turned 22 last month. She was excited as she recently graduated and couldn't wait to focus on creating content on social media. However, they had to move to Ghaziabad in 2021 due to her father's transfer, which unfortunately meant adapting to a more polluted city. Nevertheless, Lata remained determined to pursue her dreams and make a mark in the world of makeup influencing.

One day, when Lata woke up from her sleep, she saw that her skin had become dull and dry. She felt that her skin, especially her face, neck, and arms, lost its brilliance over time, and the reason was unknown.

“Mom, I am drinking enough water and caring for my skin. Look, my skin is looking so dull. It’s even summer; how can my skin be so dry? I am so worried.”

“Lata, calm down. How long have you been noticing such changes?” Lata’s mother asked.

“Ummm, I saw some dryness last week, but I applied moisturizer, and it looked fine for a day. Should we see a doctor?” Lata was concerned. 

Lata’s mother looked at her daughter’s skin closely and noticed that this was something unusual she hadn’t seen before. She noticed symptoms like

  1. Clogged pores

  2. Uneven skin tone.

  3. Dull and dry skin

  4. Redness

  5. Irritation

She googled the symptoms and found that it’s causes of air pollution.

Lata and her mother were surprised. 

They booked an appointment with a dermatologist who confirmed that this was an effect of air pollution.

“Even though air pollution is invisible, it visibly affects your health. Before affecting your lungs, heart, or any other internal organs, it affects your skin: the outermost barrier.” the dermatologist informed.

“But, doctor, how is this possible?” Lata wondered.

“Dear, Lata, usually our skin acts as a biological shield and protects against pro-oxidative chemicals and air pollutants. However, prolonged exposure to such chemicals damages the skin by inducing oxidative stress.” the doctor gave in-depth knowledge about air pollution to Lata and her mother. 

“Oh, god. It is so strange that air pollution affects our skin this way!” Lata said. 

“What can we do to keep our skin safe, doctor? Please help us with some treatment options.” Lata’s mother added.

“Don’t worry, ladies. It is not something serious. However, air pollutants can permanently damage your skin if you ignore this for a long time. The air pollution can even cause premature skin aging and skin cancer!” the doctor said. 

“Remember, it is not just what is happening on the outside; the air pollution is affecting you from the inside, which is visible on your skin.” the doctor added.

“I want to learn everything about it, doctor. Please tell me more about it.” Lata said.

Lata’s doctor told her about how air pollution is harmful and how she should stay updated by following news and good work by NGOs like the Wingify Foundation. He said to her that she needed to make some changes in her lifestyle that could help her keep herself safe. 

Here are some tips he shared with Lata:

1. Focus on the power of self-care.

2. Focus on nourishing your body from within. 

3. Practice a wholesome lifestyle and consume antioxidant-rich foods.

4. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and fresh juices. 

5. Engage in regular exercise to promote blood circulation.

6. Always remove your makeup before going to bed.

7. Exfoliate your skin twice a week.

8. Apply sunscreen and moisturize your skin well.

Lata was happy to hear these tips and that such easy tips could help her regain her glowing skin. She was determined to follow all these steps and educate her friends and family regarding air pollution.

Days, weeks, and months passed, and Lata cared for her skin like anything. She saw magical results, and her skin never looked this good. In all this, Lata studied more about air pollution and its effects on the skin. She documented her journey and guided her viewers on her YouTube channel.

She became a mentor for all those people looking for answers online. Lata gave them answers and a new hope that they could save their skin with self-care.

Today, Lata has 1 M subscribers, and her dream of becoming a content creator has come true. She is happy she could understand and solve her problem at the right time. Is there any problem you could be ignoring?

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