Waste power contributes to Air Pollution

“Hey, switch off that bulb if there is no use. You are adding to air pollution.” the mother told her son, Ronak.

Ronak got curious and asked, “What? How is bulb and electricity connected to air pollution?

“Dear, when you consume more electricity, you indirectly add to air pollution. The production of electricity often relies on burning fossil fuels like coal. This process releases pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.” her mother replied.

His mother added, “These pollutants harm human health and the environment, contributing to air pollution and climate change.”

“Oh, I never thought this. You are right, Mom.” Ronak said. “What can be done to reduce our part in air pollution, Mom?”

“We can start with switching to energy-efficient bulbs, adopting solar, wind, and hydropower, etc., saving electricity, and disposing of old CFLs and LED’s properly.” his mother added.

“That are some great tips, Mom. I will keep these in mind.” Ronak said these lines, stood up, and closed all the lights that weren’t needed.

His mother smiled. Ronak smiled back. They knew that with such little steps, they could bring change to their homes, community, and country.

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