Small Steps To Reduce Air Pollution

Two friends, Alok and Mita decided to encourage sustainability into their lives. With enthusiasm in their hearts, they decided to take measures that would reduce air pollution.

"Alok, look at these tips," Mita said, holding a list of eco-friendly actions. "We can make a real difference."

Alok nodded, eager to take action. "Let's start with our cars. Let’s plan to drive less, maintain it properly, and turn off the engine when we're parked or in traffic."

Next, as they moved through the town, they noticed scattered garbage. "Mita, instead of burning it, let's encourage everyone to plant trees by organizing a tree-planting event."

Mia happily agreed. "And we'll remind them to use electric lawn equipment. It's all about conserving energy."

Back home, they looked at their air conditioning. "Let's use it minimally and seal our rooms to keep the cool air in," Alok said. "And let’s try to use less electricity."

Mia also added, "During the day, we'll rely on natural light by opening the curtains."

One day, they found an old packet of cigarettes. Mia sighed, "Smoking harms the environment too."

Alok crushed the packet. "That's it. We quit."

As time passed, they saw little changes around them that encouraged everyone around them.

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