Relation in Air Pollution and Heart diseases

Relation in Air Pollution and Heart diseases

Mr. Malhotra, a cardiologist, was lecturing on air pollution and heart diseases. He said, "Air pollution has various harmful effects on human health as it puts various organs at risk. One of them is heart health. Harmful air pollutants cause inflammation in the heart, causing various heart diseases."

He added, "In general, heart patients experience multiple symptoms. Rising chest pain is a classic sign of a heart attack, yet many people don't realize it can be a medical emergency. Also, feeling sick, abdominal pain or indigestion, sweating, leg and arm pain, jaw or back pain, and suffocated can be heart disease symptoms."

One of the audience members asked Mr. Malhotra what heart patients should do when the air quality is poor.

On this, the doctor replied, "Heart patients should be alerted as soon as the air pollution index reaches the unhealthy 101 level, as the possibility of chest pain and feeling of suffocation increases when there is more pollution. In such cases, patients come under sensitive groups and require medical attention and care."

Mr. Malhotra concluded that the heart patient should live in an environment of clean air and pay attention to their symptoms.

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