Reducing Air Pollution By Using Public Transport

Two classmates, Priya and Laveena, shared a common concern – the city's worsening air quality. Determined and motivated to make a change, they decided to promote public transport as a solution.

"Priya, do you know that traffic congestion contributes so much to air pollution," Laveena said one day.

Priya nodded and added, "But using public transport can significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the road."

Laveena agreed.

They decided to start the change at their level. They started commuting via buses and trains, sharing their experiences on social media. Their enthusiasm and determination caught on, inspiring others.

"We need to show everyone how easy and beneficial it is," Laveena said.

They spotted a group of friends waiting at a bus stop as they chatted. "Let's talk to them about the benefits of public transport," Priya said.

They approached the group, explaining how it could reduce emissions and improve air quality. The group resonated with what they shared, and several decided to try it out.

Over time, more and more residents embraced public transport, which reduced traffic congestion, and the air began to feel fresher.

As they stood at a bus stop one day, watching buses come and go, Laveena smiled at Priya. "We're making a real difference."

Priya smiled back, knowing their small steps contributed to a cleaner, healthier city for everyone.

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