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Neurological Symptoms Linked to Air Pollution

Neurological Symptoms Linked to Air Pollution

Yesterday, Parul had a discussion with her father regarding neurological disorders and their connection with air pollution. Just after the discussion, she googled more about it before sleeping.

The next day, she had more questions. She asked her Dad, “What are the symptoms of neurological disorders?”

“A person may have neurological disorders with some or all of the physical symptoms like partial or complete paralysis, muscle weakness, partial or complete loss of sensation, difficulty reading and writing, seizures, poor cognitive ability, alertness, numbness or tingling in the extremities, and may experience a reduction in unexplained pain. It can affect the way you walk, walk, or even speak. The patient feels as if wearing tight gloves or socks.” her Dad replied.

“Dad, what exactly do air pollutants do to our brain?” she asked.

On this, his Dad said, “Air pollution can cause diverse neurological disorders as a result of nervous system inflammation, oxidative stress, activation of microglial cells, protein condensation and brain vascular-barrier disorders, but uncertainty remains regarding the biological mechanisms by which air pollution causes neurological diseases. Neuronal cell damage caused by fine dust, especially in fetuses and infants, can cause permanent brain damage or lead to neurological disease in adulthood.”

“Thanks, Dad. It was quite informative.”

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