How is Air Pollution caused by Vehicles?

How is Air Pollution caused by Vehicles?

A car's fuel is burned inside the engine, which releases various hazardous gases such as nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Each of these gases is bad for the environment. Additionally, it seriously affects a person's health.

Carbon monoxide is poisonous. As a result, the lungs may suffocate and become difficult to breathe. These gases also contribute to global warming. In today's age, this is a severe issue. Additionally, it weakens the ozone layer. UV rays can enter our environment, which increases our risk of developing skin cancer.

In addition to all the dangerous consequences of vehicle pollution, vehicles are steadily rising. An estimate states that a single house contains an average of two cars. Some families have more. The primary reason for the rise in vehicle pollution is that every family member is taking a two- or four-seater vehicle alone. As a result, the fuel is used twice as much. There are several ways to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles.

  • The primary way to reduce vehicle pollution is to consume fewer fossil fuels. Additionally, travellers ought to bike and carpool so that passengers can reach the same destination using less fuel. Additionally, energy will be saved since they can ride their bikes or cars in shifts.
  • In addition, the driver should stop the engine when the traffic lights turn red. Fuel and money will be saved as a result of this. Simultaneously, small adjustments to your driving style, such as driving at an economical speed, using fewer brakes, and slowing down when you accelerate quickly, can help you save money on fuel while keeping your car in good condition. Vehicle quality checks periodically can also improve performance and lower fuel consumption.
  • Most importantly, the government is making significant efforts to reduce pollution. To decrease the use of diesel buses as public transportation, electric buses and trains operate throughout the city. Additionally, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engine installation is required. This would lower transportation costs while also protecting the environment.
  • Electric bikes and cars have recently entered the market. This saves fuel and is environment-friendly for personal transportation.

Can you think of other ways to lessen the pollution caused by vehicles?


Hiba ChoudharyDec 22, 2022

I agree. We must consider the factors contributing to vehicular pollution in urban areas, such as poor fuel quality, old vehicles, inadequate maintenance, congested traffic, poor road condition and old automotive technologies and traffic management system

Rimsi SethDec 25, 2022

This is a severe issue; vehicle pollutants can lead to lung infection and cancer

AshimaDec 28, 2022

We should think about more alternatives to solve this problem.

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