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Can pollution cause mental ailments?

Can pollution cause mental ailments?

When my children were young, we used to take them out to enjoy the lovely scenery outside and, yes, take them out frequently to combat depression too, both ours and there. I am not saying this is concrete proof, but is it, not a fact that we long for a clean and unpolluted space now, which was so common earlier?

 Could this be one of the reasons for the increase in mental issues, as pointed out even by the World Health Organisation?

Many studies show that clean air improves mental moods, and we must consider this factor. These findings have important implications because most of the world's population resides in areas where pollution levels are greater than the WHO guidelines. The association between air pollution and depression cannot be ignored. Public policies and individual actions are essential to reduce the effect of air pollution.

Many of us go to hill stations to feel better in all periods of our life. However, we could make a beginning in our area itself so that we have mini hill stations everywhere. This is easily possible by focusing on natural habitable zones and avoiding a concrete jungle full of pollution. Just as we know basic language and arithmetic, we need to learn the basics of the language of the earth. It just wishes to remain clean to give everyone clean air. This is undoubtedly something we need to do for our own planet that gives us so much.

For a happier world, we all need to work towards reducing pollution and need not wait for any more studies to take a small step forward.

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