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Reshaping earth with tiny Behavioural improvements

We have a broad range of initiatives focused on positively impacting the environment and society. Our efforts include reducing pollution, promoting crop diversification, creating child-friendly content and board games, discouraging rice stubble burning, distributing eco-friendly books, hosting storytelling workshops, developing digital games, showcasing puppet shows, organizing rallies, providing air pollution demonstrations, and more. Our goal is to raise awareness, educate, and drive positive change in our communities and beyond.

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What is Air pollution?

Vehicular Pollution

Effects of Air Pollution on Health

Air Pollution from Construction Activities

Air Pollution from Biomass burning

Sometimes, all it takes is a step forward in the right direction

Our Donors

Our Donors

Wingify is a $30 mn ARR SaaS company, the makers of VWO - a market-leading A/B testing and conversion optimization platform. Wingify is a 100% bootstrapped and profitable Indian company, making globally admired products in the marketing technology space. Wingify has been profitable all its 10 years of existence and is now looking to grow to its next milestone of $50 mn revenue (and beyond that to $100 mn). Over the last 10 years, VWO by Wingify has helped create industry standards in A/B testing, visitor behaviour analysis, and re-engagement products.

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