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Villa Ecotiva is a hotel building in Pondicherry that offers a sustainable and natural environment for visitors seeking an escape from urban life. The design incorporates passive natural ventilation systems and natural lighting.

The central courtyard, which features a water body, helps cool the outdoor air before circulating it into the hotel rooms. Additionally, the courtyard acts as a wind chimney to release hot air from the top. The building’s materials were selected with caution, using Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) for the walls, natural stones for the flooring, and reclaimed wood for the doors, windows, and furniture.

The hotel also incorporates waste materials, such as stone edges from flooring slab factories and demolished building material, which have been repurposed as stone walls and poured earth concrete (PEC walls) for the compound walls. The use of natural, waste, and recyclable materials gives Villa Ecotiva a unique and traditional look while minimising its environmental impact.

#WingifyEarth encourages such proactive actions to safeguard the environment and keep it clean.

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