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Architect Manoj Patel from Gujarat has created unique furniture pieces made from clay roof tiles, a material that is affordable, non-conductive and eco-friendly.

After researching which materials are best suited for outdoor furniture in the hot climate of Gujarat, Patel discovered that stone and metal were high heat conductors and unsuitable for use in direct sunlight.

“I have always been keen about climate responsive architecture, which has always reflected in my work as well,” he says.

Patel began experimenting with clay and wood, which are non-conductive, to create furniture that remains cool in high temperatures. His team transformed the profiles of numerous clay tiles into optical illusions, forming chairs, benches, and tables, each of which is handcrafted and unique.

“This is an all-season material and can comfortably be used even through monsoon season,” he says, adding that one tile costs between Rs 5 to Rs 8.

The material is cost-effective, and each piece of furniture costs less than INR 2,000 to make. Patel hopes that his work will help revive the manufacturing of Mangalore tiles in Morbi, Gujarat,

“The main thing in all of this is the craftwork that the artisans bring in,” he says. While the firm is not commercially selling these pieces of furniture they are working with other design and architectural firms who use these furniture pieces in their work. “We are not looking at any sort of mass production of these pieces. Each one is a labour of love and handcrafted by our artisans,” he says.

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