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A 15-year-old student in Delhi has transformed a Royal Enfield into an electric vehicle (EV) which can run 100 km on a single charge.

Rajan, a student at the Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, came up with the idea after experimenting with retrofitting cycles and converting them to EVs. With about Rs 45,000 in his pocket, he decided to buy a scrapped Royal Enfield and electrify it.

He purchased the old bike from a scrap dealership in Mayapuri for Rs 10,000 and managed to make it electric in three months by replacing the engine with a battery, all by watching videos on Google and YouTube.

“The e-bike looks similar to a Royal Enfield, especially since the headlight and the front portion are from an original bike itself,” Rajan said. The bike can reportedly run at a speed of 50 km/hr. He has also installed a wooden box so that the battery does not fall out while riding the bike.

Rajan’s experiment comes at a time when Delhi is undergoing high pollution levels. As per an analysis by the Centre for Science and Environment, vehicle emissions are the highest contributor to rising PM 2.5 levels in the Capital and cause 50-53% of the city’s pollution.

A new Delhi Government policy ‘Delhi Switch’ also promotes the use of EVs to reduce toxic air in the Capital.

Rajan has also experimented with e-cycles in the past and was initially motivated to make a difference when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. He now hopes to achieve his dreams by making an e-car.

#WingifyEarth encourages such proactive initiatives that help pave the way for clean mobility solutions for heavily polluted cities.

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