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Dalip Singh Sabharwal, or the ‘Bicycle Mayor For Delhi’ under the BYCS India chapter, has been advocating for cycles to become Delhi’s main mode of transport for many years. ⁠

He lives by a simple motto – bicycles were invented as a mode of transport, therefore a cyclist is someone who uses it for their daily commute and not merely for leisure.

After spending 10 years in the corporate sector, Dalip now works as a research associate with the Delhi Commission for Women. ⁠

An avid runner and a bicycle enthusiast, Dalip wants Delhi to commute to work on a bicycle. Ever since he was appointed as the BYCS Delhi Bicycle Mayor he has been advocating for the #CycleToWork campaign.

BYCS is an international NGO guided by the belief that bicycles can transform cities. ⁠

“Cycling is not new for us, especially in India, cycles have been the only mode of travel for many people. However, with time we see a disconnect. I want to reconnect people to cycling,” he says. ⁠

Dalip also actively uses his social media to promote the benefits of cycling and believes that cycles should be made the first choice, and cars should be the last. ⁠

A recent study by the University of Chicago found that air pollution in Delhi cuts life by 10 years. But did you know that vehicular emissions contribute to nearly 50 per cent of the Capital’s pollution levels? ⁠

Hence, bicycles can become a healthy alternative for a choked Delhi. ⁠

Dalip wants to create awareness among people of all age groups about cycles being the most eco-friendly, economical, and healthy mode of travel.

“I plan to bridge the gap between cycle users and competent authorities to make Delhi a cycle-friendly city,” he adds. ⁠

#WingifyEarth encourages such citizens, who are cutting down the city’s pollution, one cycle at a time!⁠

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