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We are no longer talking about climate change but a climate crisis. If we want life here to be comfortable, we must do something serious about it.

Who Are We?

Wingify Earth is Wingify Foundation’s flagship CSR initiative to forge a community of well-informed responsible citizens who will actively contribute to mitigating pollution & climate change. In 2020, we began producing compelling video content on climate change under the banner of Wingify Earth. We gradually adopted environmental sustainability, explicitly combatting Air Pollution, as Wingify Foundation’s flagship CSR initiative. Wingify Earth, in association with like-minded concerned partners, works towards empowering the community and shaping young minds to bring about behavioural change that positively impacts the environment through small actions.

What Do We Do?

The subjects of all abstract concepts are global warming, carbon footprints, the greenhouse effect, and the climate crisis. However, plants and animals will be affected by global warming (and are already being affected), but overall, the earth will continue to exist long after humans are gone. We are currently discussing a climate crisis rather than climate change. The message that can be communicated to common folks is simple: Delhi has an air pollution problem all year round. It becomes most visible during winters when climactic conditions fuse with cultural imperatives like Diwali fireworks and agricultural traditions like crop stubble burning. Another year's contributing factors include increased vehicular pollution and growing public works such as construction. There is already so much news and noise about air pollution. People are generally aware of the issue. But “how to” mobilise ourselves and the community in the fight to improve air quality seems missing and deficient. A path needs to be carved out.

Wingify Foundation launched the project “Wingify Earth” with the sole objective of taking the people (polluters) from “I'm aware & I think we should do something” to “I will,” positive action towards solving this burning issue.

Vision & Mission

Make the air safe, breathable, and healthy for our immediate neighbourhoods, reduce ecosystem damage from air pollution and contribute our share to address the abstract issue of global warming and carbon footprints through a more relatable and immediate problem of air pollution. Small, tiny, and regular adjustments to our daily behaviour can cumulatively go along the way to minimising the impact of catastrophes like air pollution. Wingify Earth aims to bring about behavioural changes in school children, youth, and common citizens through relatable projects.